My DLP Story

It all began in 1994. Euro Disney had existed for two years. I was a four year old boy living in northern Denmark. I had already seen quite a few Disney classics growing up in a family very fond of Disney. A new travel company emerged in Denmark making tailored bus trips to Euro Disney and that year my parents would order a vacation that would change a lot for us in the future. Me, my sister and my parents were going to Disneyland for the first time! I don’t remember much and I was probably the least excited of us all. I didn’t try a single attraction except the Disneyland Railroad on which I got so scared in the Grand Canyon Diorama that I got a nosebleed. Having finally been comforted, we watched the parade and the dragon released its fire just where we were standing causing me to have yet another nosebleed. My first visit to Euro Disney was everything but a success! Lucky for me the rest of the family enjoyed every bit of it and this started a tradition of us going quite often and so we would visit again in 1996 and 1998, by which time I would dare a lot more and really began to enjoy it and create memories that I still remember today. This would also be the first visits on which I would bring my own camera in the form of a couple of disposable cameras that only I managed.

You see, ever since I was very young, taking pictures has fascinated me. Bringing disposable cameras, I would not just shoot the entire film within the first hours - I would think about the shots and I think that walking around with a camera has been one of the reasons why I - from early on - learned to appreciate Disneyland Paris for much more than just its attractions - after all Indiana Jones was the wildest attraction I would go on right up until 2010. For me the theming, the storytelling and the entertainment has always been the main thing about a visit to Disneyland Paris, and I have always had a dream to be part of creating this one day. In spring 2001 my sister made this dream come true for her as she was going there to work. There I was, 11 years old and my sister would be leaving for another country. I was devastated, but at the same time equally excited! My sister was working in Disneyland - how cool! My mum and I quickly used this as a reason to go there during Easter 2001 on a short trip and this would be my first (and so far only) encounter with the life as a cast member. We visited my sister in her nearby apartment and visited her a couple of times when she was working. Her stay there ended up pretty short due to many reasons, but it was yet another piece in the puzzle that has made me so interested in this place.

That summer we were all going back again and in order to make it as good as possible for my sister we would be staying in Disneyland Hotel. I will say this to you: it is way overpriced, yes, but spoil yourself to it at least once if you are going on a really special trip! This still stands to me as perhaps the best of our trips; there we all were. Once again back in the magic all together for the first time since 2001 and it was a magical trip! I returned again in 2003 and 2006 with my parents before I - in 2008 - returned with my sister and mum; a trip I paid for as I had finished school and got a great job. It was a trip down memory lane and now being 18 years old another piece was added to the puzzle. I began to appreciate an all new aspect of going back to Disneyland: reliving memories; memories of your childhood and precious family moments. An aspect that was strengthened further when I returned with my mum in the summer of 2012 - one month before moving into my new apartment, this was an emotional and amazing trip.

In the summer of 2010 a new layer was added to my appreciation for the parks as I went with a friend of mine who persuaded me to try attractions like Space Mountain, Tower of Terror and Rock’n’Rollercoaster. This means that I can now say that I have tried all attractions in the parks and it gives a completely different experience compared to family trips for instance. Another amazing thing about the parks: no visit is like your latest and you can enjoy the parks in so many different ways.

I mentioned photography earlier and it has always been an essential part of my Disneyland Paris trips. Especially since I discovered the
MagicForum in 2006. With my photography I would not only take time to appreciate the details of the parks, I would also be able to show others exactly how I saw the parks, why I love them so much. I would be writing bigger and bigger trip reports and getting more and more feedback on them. With this website I continue this tradition, because can we get enough sites showcasing the beauty of Disneyland Paris? I don’t think so and this site is solely how I see the parks through my lens, through my memories and through my love to the place.

Trip Overview:

1994 - Summer trip - Hotel Cheyenne
1996 - Summer trip - Hotel Santa Fe
1998 - Summer trip - Hotel Sequoia Lodge
2001 - Easter trip - Hotel Santa Fe
2001 - Summer trip (Including Paris) - Hotel Disneyland
2003 - Summer trip - Hotel Santa Fe
2006 - Summer trip (Including Paris) - Hotel Newport Bay Club
2008 - Halloween trip - Hotel Newport Bay Club
2009 - Halloween trip - Hotel Sequoia Lodge
2010 - Summer trip - Hotel Santa Fe
2010/11 - Christmas / New Years trip - Hotel Santa Fe
2011 - Summer trip - Hotel Santa Fe
2012 - Early Summer trip - Hotel New York
2012 - Summer Trip - Hotel Santa Fe
2013 - Summer Trip (Including Paris) - Hotel Santa Fe / Davy Crockett Ranch
2013 - Christmas Trip - Hotel Santa Fe
2014 - Summer Trip (Including Paris) - Hotel Santa Fe
2017 - Easter / 25th Anniversary - Hotel Santa Fe
2018 - Summer Trip (Graduation) - Hotel Santa Fe
2018 - Halloween Trip - Hotel Sequoia Lodge