Luckily Disneyland Paris has a big and ever expanding fan community of which I am now both happy and humble to be a part of. Below I have listed some of the sites that you really should check out - I’m a big fan of theirs!


One of the best of them all - a photographic bible of Disneyland Paris photography. There is not a single DLP detail that you will not be able to find here in their beautiful albums. Be sure to check them out!

The place for all Disneyland Paris fans and where it all started for me. Discuss recent news or rumours, ask questions, share your most recent trip and so much more!

DLPGuide.com & DLPToday.com
Here you will always be updated with the recent news on DLPToday.com and on DLPGuide.com you will find all the information you need before traveling to Disneyland Paris.

Looking for a good read on recent additions or rumours? DLPTownSquare will surely have a brilliantly written piece on this!

Articles, photos and much more, but what you really should look for here is the brilliant podcast that touches and discusses the most recent news, rumours and additions in Disneyland Paris. Make sure not to miss out on this!

A funny, entertaining and interesting live call-in radio show with lots of great Disney music and discussions! Be sure to follow the Twitter chat as you listen to the live shows!

DLRP Roundup
This is a fun site to go through - their statistics are particularly interesting and a good help prior to a trip to check out the queue times and open restaurants.

Le Parcorama
Fascinating reports and opinions. Be sure to look out for their “Quality Controls”!

Magical DLP
Monthly rumour mill, interesting articles about rides, attractions and the technology that creates the magic! Also, do not miss out on the very fascinating podcast.

Luke writes some brilliant articles driven by his clear and honest opinions about everything Disney! Reviews, Opinion pieces and historical articles are his expertise!


The Disneyland Paris fan community is growing fast - especially on Twitter. These are only a few of the numerous followable accounts, so check out my entire following list for more.



Looking for videos or vlogs from Disneyland Paris? In that case, do check out the channels below:

Ellie Steadman - Vlogs about everything Disney and beyond!
That Disney Lover - Another source for magical vlogs straight from the heart of DLP!
CafeFantasia - Stylish videos of Disneyland Paris of the same high quality as the Twitter feed!
DLP Guide - More than 200 beautiful, high-res videos of the magic!
ED92TV - All the newest videos from within the magic!
DLP Welcome - High quality videos from every angle of Disneyland Paris!
Dedicated To DLP - Don’t miss out on the Disneyland Paris Weekly News videos!



@DisneyParis_EN (Commercial Twitter profile)
@EuroDisneyEN (Corporate Twitter profile)
@DLPpressnews (Official PR Twitter profile - NB! In French)